a place to dump all the random pixels and graphics i like that i've found while trawling through the depths of places like gifcities. some are official assets ripped from games or gifs i made from sprite sheets on the spriters resource. i've tried linking to the original artists when i can, but mosts sites i saved these images from did not say who made them. some images link to where i saved it from and not the original artists if they gave credit or a link back to the artist's site but i haven't found an archive of the artist's website. these images are currently being displayed at a max height of 200px, you may need to open images in a new tab to save at the original size.

final fantasy sprite animations from brave exvius can be found here.
final fantasy iv

final fantasy v

most of these come from here.

final fantasy vi

final fantasy vii

final fantasy viii

final fantasy ix

final fantasy x


megami tensei
persona 1

persona 2

other gaming
breath of fire

chrono trigger


cardcaptor sakura



neon genesis evangelion

sailor moon