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hacking the 3ds

3DS Hacks guide
really clear and simple guide on how to install custom firmware onto your 3DS. i recommend using a 128gb sd card especially if you like jrps.
Theme Plaza
install custom themes using anemone (installed if you followed the guide above). you can make your own themes using Kame Editor.
browse and view files right on your 3DS, including screenshots taken with rosalina. can be installed using universal updater.
Screenshot Merge
merges screenshots taken with rosalina into a single image. saves as .bmp images. can be installed using universal updater.
edit save files for pokemon games from generations i-viii. nice ui and very easy to use.

emulating the 3ds

emulator for the 3ds available on windows, linux, android, and mac. link goes to an backup of the nightly version 2104. you can access an archive of the wiki here.
Batch CIA 3DS Decryptor
simple batch file that can decrypt cia files to be compatible with citra.
import data from an sd card used in a 3ds to your computer for use with citra.

3ds games

download games, updates, and dlc in .cia format. supports direct and qr code downloads. has a 3ds app called 3hs so you can browse and download their collection right from your 3ds.
download decrypted 3ds games in .3ds format for use in citra. new 3ds games can be found here.