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website with links to just about any free or pirated material you could think of. if you're looking for something not on this site i recommend starting here.

knitting, crochet, and cross stitch

download knitting, crochet, and cross stitch patterns for free. downloading requires coins, which u can earn by doing "tasks" after signing up (hover on "my center" on the top right and click on "tasks") which mainly consists of clicking on a button every hour and watching a video once a week. read more about earning coins here. has a huge collection of older, hard to find cross stitch patterns. usually as .pdfs but has "repaints" in .xsd or .pcs file formats too, which i prefer for backstitch patterns for use in cross stitch saga. has a good selection of knitting and crochet patterns as well. all patterns are user uploaded, so you can share patterns you've purchased too.
Pattern Keeper
android app that helps keep track of cross stitch patterns. i find the interface the most intuitive of all the cross stitch pattern trackers i've tried, but doesn't support backstitches and fractional stitches. link is unlocked version. my mirror.
Cross Stitch Saga
another android app that helps keep track of cross stitch patterns. i find it much harder to get used to after using pattern keeper but supports special stitch types like backstitching and french knots. if ur cross stitch pattern comes in .xsp, .xsd, or .pat, i recommend using this. link is unlocked version. my mirror.


my favorite website for watching anime, good selection and nice interface.
another website for watching anime. has soft subtitles so you can turn it off.
android app for reading manga. can automatically update tracking with anilist. i recommend following this guide to get extensions working again. as for sources, my favorite is MangaLife particularly for completed manga.
download asian drama with soft subtitles. great for gif makers or language learners who don't want to watch with english subtitles.
has a huge library of official video game soundtracks and game rips, downloadable in mp3 and flac format.
Smash Custom Music Archive
archive of video game music in BRSTM and other formats used in video games that support custom loop points. useful resource if you want background music that already loops seamlessly.
download asian pop music from the 60s until now. mostly japanese but has some music from other countries.
AudioBook Bay
torrents for a ton of different audiobooks. if my local library's libby or hoopla doesn't have an audiobook for something i'm interested in i look here first.
repository of e-books you can download for free.
BSD Bibliophile
download books, poems, and essays written by authors featured in Bungou Stray Dogs.
get free access to academic journals.
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
a collection of historical texts, neatly organized into sub-categories based on location, time period, and topic.
The Value of Knowledge: A Miniature Library of Philosophy
a curated collection of texts on philosophy from the last 400 years.


a flexible and private note taking app with a ton of user plugins to make it highly customizable. notes are stored as markdown files so you're not locked to the app. i like it for its ability to easily create connections to other notes and view those connections as a graph.
productivity app similar to notion but built with user privacy in mind. i use it to plan projects and organize my bookmarks.
batch convert, resize, and compress images. i highly recommend using this or a similar tool to make your image file sizes smaller so your pages load faster.
a read-it-later app. i prefer this over other read-it-later apps as it's free and open source (FOSS), and supports exporting to obsidian.
FOSS cross-platform file sharing tool that allows you to share files to nearby devices. i use this to send files between my windows computer and iphone.
FOSS image upscaler.