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static site generators

static site generators are applications that can create full html files by inserting text into preconfigured templates. useful if you use the same html format across multiple pages.
a simple microblog generator using python for use with static sites. very easy to configure and use. i use this for my microblog. i currently recommend using the cfg-update branch, which lets you configure the timestamp.
uses javascript to generate a blog for static hosting, also easy to use and works well with neocities.
a simple static site generator. this is the generator i use for this resource site. i recommend this tutorial if you need an easy to use guide on how to set it up for use with neocities.
another lightweight static site generator. a walkthrough on how it was used to build a neocities site can be found here.
a static site generator that turns markdown files into a website. built for use with obsidian but not required. a step by step guide on how to use it can be found here.

css frameworks

css frameworks are premade, ready to use stylesheets that can speed up the development of your website by doing a lot of the styling for you. you can sometimes download them to host on your website, but many will have a link that you can put right into the head of your html file without needing to download them.

see how a webpage looks with different minimal stylesheets. good for people looking to quickly publish long-form written content on their site (like a blog, essay, tutorial, etc), want it to look nice without writing their own CSS, and want to preview many different options.
my personal favorite minimal css framework.
framework inspired by the 8-bit graphics of the NES era.
framework inspired by NES.css that takes its styling from popular playstation 1 games.
replicates windows XP.
replicates windows 98.
replicate windows 7.
a stylesheet that helps different browsers render elements more consistently.
A Modern CSS Reset
another css reset that i like using.

code snippets

MelonKing's Frame-Link System
if you use iframes on your site, this lets you link to a page and it will open inside of your desired iframe. i have this set up on my personal site homepage (for example, this link opens my /main/contact.html page inside the iframe of my /main/index.html page)
a ton of different html, css, and javascript examples, neatly organized and all with codepens linked.
Kalechips' code snippets
some simple code snippets with a focus on accessibility.
You Don't Need jQuery
github page with examples of how to do common jQuery commands in vanilla javascript.
vuvuzela's code snippets
very 2015 tumblr sidebar style code snippets for displaying links and small amounts of text next to images (usually of favorite fictional characters).
a css hover effect library.
a css animation library.
my code snippets
i have some of my own code snippets on my personal site. includes a wii menu style media gallery, pictochat style microblog/changelog, draggable and collapsible windows, and more.

online tools

create, crop, resize, reverse, split and convert between animated image files like gifs, webp, apng, avif, and mp4 online.
Dither Me This
online tool to decrease the file size of images using dithering. lots of nice looking presets, and supports transparent images.
coolLabs Fonts
replace google fonts in your code with an alternative that doesn't log user data.
Online @font-face generator
convert fonts to css @font-face formats with CSS and HTML sample files. you can use this tool to convert ttf fonts to woff/woff2 so you can host and use them on your neocities site if you have a free account and can't upload ttf fonts.