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my friend who moved to boston for dental school came back for a visit this weekend. sometimes when i hang out with people that i've been friends with since childhood i get this feeling like i'm standing still in the middle of a busy intersection. now that i'm almost 26 more and more of my friends are moving cross country for jobs or grad school. this one guy i've known since elementary school and has been dating this girl from his college friend group for a couple years is even talking about getting married once they move in a month and settle into their new life (also to boston... wtf is in boston that's making all my friends move there). and it genuinely makes me happy to see my friends grow up and do things with their life! but it makes me feel like i should want to do more with myself and my #life but i just... don't. i've never been interested in marriage or kids or even dating, and even though when i was a kid i thought i wanted to go to grad school now that i'm graduated and working i just don't have that same ambition. i think it's hard for my irl friends to understand that i'm okay still living with my parents and working from home, just spending my free time on my hobbies like language learning and gaming and now building this site. actually right now living with my mom is quite useful since i can practice thai with her every day. i've met a lot of people online who have a similar life situation and attitude as myself so i don't think it's all that uncommon, but sometimes i think my friends pity me or something when it's really not like that.